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Every day, companies spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary, misguided marketing strategies and poor execution.

If you are a Business Owner, you’ve probably realized…


You don't have time for marketing.

Managing your website and marketing for your business on your own is time consuming. There are too many moving parts to manage.

Agencies are expensive.

Web Design and Marketing agencies are supposed to solve your problems, but the truth is that they are usually just in it for the money.

You have high expectations.

If you’re reading this, you have more than likely been discouraged and let down by marketing agencies that you have worked with in the past.

Finding a web and marketing partner that delivers amazing results can be extremely difficult. YOU NEED A MARKETING EXPERT YOU CAN TRUST!


I want to coach you on the Strategies and Creative Secrets that made my brand so successful.

Shortly after launching my Company WoodSnap in 2012, I was able to organically get my product featured on Good Morning America, DIY Network, Bar Rescue, Oprah Magazine, The Talk, Los Angeles Times, several news station features and numerous reputable online blogs. My company WoodSnap once again tripled sales this past Holiday season.

With my business now self-sustaining, I have been able to follow my true passion of mentoring and coaching other business owners and marketing directors.

I works alongside you, assessing your current business condition, teaching you and your staff, “cleaning house” and implementing incredible marketing strategies. These directional strategies will drive your revenue through the roof and you will literally CRUSH your competition.

With my help, you can master the Online Marketing “Top 8”

These are the Key Areas that I mastered to make my Multi-Million Dollar Company so successful! I can make you an expert at the “Top 8” and bring your business to the next level.



Blog Training

Web Development

Local Advertising


SEO & Paid Search

Social Marketing

Email Marketing

Customer Reviews


Marketing & Business Development Consulting is not a cost when hiring me, it is an INVESTMENT. Companies spend thousands of dollars monthly on unnecessary, misguided strategies and execution.

MY ABSOLUTE PASSION is to PROTECT YOU from Marketing mistakes and worthless spending.

I ensure that you’ll see a high return on investment and positive growth in the development of your business.

I guarantee that I’ll be your “needle in the haystack”. I’m so confident in my experience and abilities that I offer all clients a 100% money back guarantee. So rest assured, you’re in good hands.


“Mike Lastrina is a consultant, a coach, an innovator, a business surgeon, a friend, and an INCREDIBLE resource to the marketing success in our business. His ways and methods are so simple yet so extraordinary. He is HIGHLY recommended.”

Lance Anderson

Marketing Director , 5.11 Tactical

“At Body Glove we are constantly striving to push the limits with quality products for water sports. Mike Lastrina has helped us open our eyes to unique marketing disciplines and practices that have literally reshaped our business for the better. It is refreshing to have a coach that is not just a learned marketing consultant but a marketing expert in his own business.”

Nick Meistrell

Marketing Director , Body Glove

“Mike Lastrina has been critical in the growth of our marketing capabilities, especially in an industry that is saturated and tough to stand out. He is filled with unique strategies and ideas have produced substantial ROI. The greatest part is that he GENUINELY cares about your success.”

Peter Spenuzza

Founder , Rise Bar

Ready to Increase Your Revenue While Spending Less?

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I meet with you and/or your staff, analyzing your current business and marketing climate. This is a free strategy session/consultation. You can start by filling out the form or by calling me at 714.580.4110.

Step 2: We Implement

The reality is that not all marketing avenues are right or beneficial to every business. In this step, we will implement a directional marketing strategy that is catered specifically to your unique business.

Step 3: We Scale

Train and educate you and/or your staff on how to daily implement proven, Directional Marketing Strategies THAT WORK!!!

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